Friday, November 30, 2007

I had to put these pictures on here because I was excited to have a picture with Dylan and Mommy, I dont have many of those so it was nice to get a few, Thanks MOM!

The day after thanksgiving was my moms birthday and my Dad and my sister and her family and steve and I all went out to West Mountain and did a little shooting. it was cold but alot of fun, The noise didnt bother Dylan at all, I guess he is ready to be in the Robertson family.

This was Dylan on his 6 month birthday! Wow how time flies. He is so much fun right now. I am loving every minute that I have with him. I dont know if you can tell but in the picture where he is standing up you can see a string of spit fall out of his mouth, this is pretty much an all day occurance. He is drooling all the time. he even started spitting all the time so i was always covered in it. how nice of him to share with me! I love this little man so much and I am enjoying every minute I have with him, he is the greatest blessing in my life.

We went to Utah for Thanksgiving and Hudson decided to get really comfy with Dylan. He plopped all the way across the top of Dylan's Car seat and layed there for at least 30 minutes while he took a good nap, Dylan had so much fun pulling his hair and pounding on him, Hudson doesn't let him do that willingly too often.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Our trip to the Zoo

We went to the Denver Zoo today with one of my friends and her two boys. we had so much fun, I haven't been to the Zoo in a long time. Dylan was so happy all day long so that made the day much more fun! His favorite things were the fish and the turtles, maybe its because they moved but he loved to look at all in colors in the fish tank. Then we walked past the Tiger, and Dylan started making noises like he was growling, it was the cutest thing, it was like he was trying to talk to them. Then when we got home i tried to put him down for a nap but he just had too many stories to tell, he talked for 25 minutes before he finally fell asleep, it was like he was telling Daddy everything he saw today! I think that he enjoyed his trip to the Zoo and I am sure that we will have many more fun adventures to come.

Happy Halloween

Dylan wasnt too excited about halloween, but he at least let me take a few pictures of him in his costume! What a cute little pumpkin