Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas PJ's

Grandma Robertson makes Christmas Pj's every year for all the grand kids and Dylan was so excited to get his this year, he did the Happy Dance! Every time he wears them all he talks about is the cars! Thanks Grandma Barbara!

Monday, December 15, 2008


this was as close to him as we got

My dad had a Christmas Party last week and we got to see Santa! He came a read a story and then all the kids got to sit on his lap, except my child. He was so excited to see him and was happy and laughing, until it was his turn, then we wanted nothing to do with the Big man all he wanted was the bag of treats he was giving out.

Last week Renae, Peyton, Dylan and I all went up to Ogden for my little sisters birthday. We went out to lunch and then went back and hung out at Christa's house. Dylan thought he was pretty cool with uncle Jack's glasses on.

We went to Grandpas house to help put up his lights and the kids played outside. Then we went inside and helped decorate the Tree. Dylan is still having a hard time learning that we don't get to play with the "Balls" on the Christmas tree.


For thanksgiving Dylan and I went to my parents house. My dad just finished making a fire pit and a horseshoe pit in his garden so while it was still warm out side we all played horseshoes while the Turkey was cooking. Dylan thought the game was pretty cool and he even got to throw the shoe a few times. Dylan was Papa's shadow the whole day. He was right by his side and ever since then he loves Papa and cant wait to see him.

Dylan and Mommy on Thanksgiving

Monday, December 1, 2008

Saying Goodbye

So its been about a month since Steve left and things are finally starting to feel as normal as possible. Dylan and I had our 2 weeks straight of melt down at ourselves and at each other but we are finally getting to the point where we don't cry at the drop of a hat! We had a really ruff time in the beginning and I am sure that most of it was my fault because when I cried it made Dylan cry and then I got really stressed and then cried some more. Dylan has had separation anxiety really bad and I know that its part the age that he is at and part Daddy leaving but it has been hard, he would even cry if I walk out of one room in the house to another, we are still working on it but it is definitely better. We miss Steve alot, every time I am on the computer Dylan thinks that he gets to talk to Daddy on the Web Cam but sadly he doesn't have that available at his base yet, and every time the phone rings Dylan thinks that its Daddy, its so cute but at the same time it breaks my heart. I am so Thankful that Steve is willing to serve his country and I am so proud of him. I had no clue what I was getting myself into when we got married but I am thankful everyday for the wonderful husband that I have and for his Love. I cant wait for the day when he gets home but for now we are just hanging in there. All three of us crying our eyes out( you cant tell but Dylan was crying really hard, he thought that I was the one leaving)
Walking around the terminal waiting for Daddies Flight.

Our last family picture for a while

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another Update

I am finally at my final location here in Afghanistan. It took a couple of weeks to get here but it is good to finally be able to settle down. I will update you more as I get settled in but here are a few pictures of the trip so far.

This is one of the stray dogs that hangs around the building I am staying in right now. I think his name is "Hutch" and there are 2 other dogs that hang around as well. They make themselves at home in the common area and I am sure enjoy sleeping inside during the winter.
This is from one of the bases I stopped at for a few days on my way to my final destination. The huts are typical of what we live in here.

On the top of the closest hill is the ruins of a fort from when Alexander the Great occupied Afghanistan. It is supposably mined heavily up there so we can't go up there. Also if you look close you can see a guy walking out in the middle of no where. There is actually a town off to the left of the hill but there were a lot children playing out in that open space when I looked out there later in the day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Update From Steve

I am here in Kyrgyzstan waiting on our flight down to Afghanistan. It has been pretty laid back with nothing to do but watch movies, eat, and try to get over the jet lag. We have been here a couple of extra days because of weather and I can't really complain. Here are a couple of pictures.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Steve is Leaving today for Afghanistan and I am not excited about it. Even though he is in Kansas right now it still is not fun knowing that your other half is leaving. I am going to miss him so much and I know that Dylan already does too. We love you Steve and Please be careful and come back to us in one piece. Love you!(Steves dad took pictures at the airport so I am waiting to get them from him)

Carving Pumpkins

We waited for Daddy to be home so that he could carve pumpkins with us this year. Dylan liked stabbing the pumpkins but he would not touch the guts inside.

Happy Halloween

Dylan was Super Man for Halloween this year, and what a Handsome one he was.
Mommy and Dylan at Tony and Leesa's Halloween Party.

Bobbing for Apples

Dylan and Daddy

Dylan, Caleb, and Matt

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

We went out to the pumpkin patch while Steve was home, and it was so COLD! i had just bought Dylan a winter coat, hat and gloves the day before and i am so glad that I did. We got to ride the wagon out to the field and then pick our own pumpkin, then ride back to the barn. We were excited to get back to the car with a heater! ( at least I was )

The Aquarium

We took Dylan to the Living Aquarium and he loved it. I was smaller than I thought that it was going to be but it turned out to be the perfect size for Dylan because he cant pay attention for too long, but it was so fun to watch his reaction to the fish and all the other fun stuff, we even got to touch a live Sting Ray ( I'm not really sure Dylan know what he did). We enjoyed it and it was nice that Dad was there to enjoy it with us!

Steve got to come home for Columbus Day weekend and we were so excited.Dylan loved having Daddy around and was such a Ham for him showing off the whole time. We loved every minute that we got to spend with him and we miss him Already. We love you Daddy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dylan is having so much fun with Hudson right now, it is fun to watch all the silly things that he will do with Hudson and Hudon is so good just to take the abuse.

Dinosaur Museum

Melissa and I took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum even though Ellie was the only one old enough to enjoy it and it was way to crowded to even get to see much but we still had a good time.

Payson Onion Days

We got to go to the Payson Onions Days this year and Dylan got to go on the rides at the Carnival. He loved the car rides and now always wants to drive Cars! Uncle Nathan gave Dylan his first taste of Cotton Candy and he loved it( were there ever any doubts)

Our Family Hike

Steve got to come home for a 4 day weekend and so we decided to go for a hike up Payson Canyon. it was a nice Short hike(just the kind I like) to a waterfall. Dylan had fun riding on Dads shoulders, he got the good ride. it was so pretty, I love having the mountains around us again! They are so beautiful. We had alot of fun hanging out together.