Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow in Arizona

This morning we woke up to snow! It wasn't alot but we were still happy to see some 2 days before Christmas. As soon as Dylan saw it he went and got his shoes and his jacket and headed outside.

A little later after we got dressed we went out and made a little snowman with the little snow we had left ( it was already starting to melt)

Our Snowman is not going to last much longer.......

Dylan is starting to feel right at home


Dylan was not quite sure if he wanted to sit with Santa but I talked him into it and he was pretty excited about it while we were waiting for our turn. Once we got up to him things started to change........

Santa's not too bad

Thinking about who's lap I am sitting on

Not so sure I want to be here anymore...... Where's my MOM!

Decorating the Tree

Gingerbread Train

This year we found a Gingerbread Train which is perfect because Dylan loves trains so much. We enjoyed putting it together and making a really big mess
It has been forever since I have updated but we have had alot going on the last 2 months in our family. First of all Steve got home the first week of November and we are so glad to have him back. I am horrible and did not get any pictures of our family at the airport, I was a little distracted and wasn't really thinking about giving the camera to someone else to take a picture of the three of us. Dylan has loved having Daddy around again and they are inseparable. We had about 2 weeks of Steve home and then we started getting ready to move, I was so sad to be leaving Utah and all of my family but it was so nice to be able to be around them this past year and have Dylan get to know them a little better. We had Thanksgiving with Steve's family and had way too much yummy food and good company. The next week we packed up and moved down to Arizona. We are still trying to settle in but we are liking it so far, especially the warmer weather! We are excited for our new adventure and we welcome any visitors that want to come.

The girls and Dylan waiting for Steve to get off the plane

waiting to help Uncle Steve with his bags

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

This year was so much fun for me. I loved watching how excited Dylan got while Trick-or-treating, and watching him run from one house to the next as fast as his little legs could take him. he didn't want to stop but all the other kids were freezing so he gave up.

Dorthy, Buzz lightyear, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella

Checking out all the goodies

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

This past week we went out to the Pumpkin patch at the Big Red Barn. We got there right before the rush of people so we didn't have to wait in all the lines which is always nice with a 2 year old. We took a wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch and then walked around until we found the ones we liked and then rode the tractor back to the Barn. Both Dylan and Peyton were kicking a screaming when we told them it was time to go, it was fun while it lasted!

Dylan on the wagon ride, He thought it was really cool that a tractor was driving the wagon.

Brings back memories

On Sunday we went to my parents house and they had just bought a new Microwave and Dylan found the box and was playing in it. My dad thought of this really great idea of pushing Dylan down the stairs in it( I have to admit when he did it the first time I screamed, i think it scared me more than it did him) I know I did it as a kid but its different seeing your child doing it. Needless to say he loved it and just wanted to do it again and again.

I think he's enjoying it!

this one was taken right before he flew right over the top of me, I'm pretty sure thats why his eyes are closed.

Monday, September 28, 2009

My new Friend

So this Guy has been on my front porch for months now and I finally got the guts( ok not really me, I have not guts but my brother in law has some and he got it for me) to catch it. I swear it has gotten bigger since the last time I saw him. I am totally disgusted and I get the heeby-geebys every time I look at the pictures. I made my brother in law take it home with him, there was no way I was keeping that thing in my house. Does anyone know what kind of spider this is?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Helicopter Ride!

They were giving Helicopter rides During Labor Day and Grandpa Robbie was nice enough to take Dylan and I to go ride it. Dylan was so excited and couldn't hardly wait, the hardest part was the hour wait for his turn but he was so good.

While we waited for our turn the Pilot let us sit in the smaller helicopter and take some pictures, Dylan was so proud and had the biggest grin on his face the whole time!

Buckling up for the ride

I think he might have been a little scared, He didnt dare move the while time.

He sat so good and just took everything in, I think we might have a future Pilot on our hands!
Thanks Grandpa Robbie for taking us on the Ride!

Labor Day Weekend

We had a fun filled Labor Day weekend. We went to the parade, and to the Carnival and watched some fireworks, what more could a kid ask for!

Watching the Fireworks

Dylan and Becca!

Dylan went on this slide 3 times, he would get down to the bottom and say" Lets do that again"

Mommy and Dylan!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wake Up!

yesterday morning I was laying in bed trying really hard to sleep in as long as possible, but Hudson needed to go outside. So he went into the kitchen to ring his bell( we have a bell on the back door and he rings it when he needs/wants to go outside) so he rang it a few times and I tried to ignore it because I was not ready to get out of bed and from the other room I hear Dylan ( who still sleeps in a crib) yelling" MOM, LET HUDSON OUTSIDE" I started laughing so hard, after that I had to get up, I didn't want to get in trouble again! I cant wait for the day when Dylan can let Hudson out himself! It was just one of the funniest things I have heard from Dylan ( which there have been alot) I couldnt resist sharing it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of July

we didnt do anything too exciting on the 4th, we had a BBQ with my parents and my sister played some horseshoes and lit a few fire works. It was nice to just relax!

Every year I make Red, white and Blue Jello so I had to take a picture for Steve so he knew I didnt forget this year!
This is one of the outfits that Steve brought home with him that his Interpreter sent for Dylan. It doesnt quite fit him right, the hat is way to small and its not supposed to be a Dress I just didnt bother putting the pants on him that are 5x his size.


We went ans spent a few days at my dads cabin in June. Its so beautiful and peaceful down there.

(My dad and his brother have built this cabin together)

Dylan trying to be just like Grandpa

One night we stayed up late playing games but Dylan refused to go to bed so I let him stay up, he kept tell me we wasn't tired then about 5 minutes later I looked over at him and he was passed on in the chair like this.

Eating smores! Yummy!!

Dylan loves to play the Guitar with Grandpa

We did a little Fishing with Dad while he was here. Dylan couldnt wait for Dad to catch a fish but as soon as he caught one Dylan starting crying( he was a little scared of it) and once it stopped flipping around he kept asking for Daddy to catch more, it will come in time!

We did a little camping!Even though it rained on us 90% of the time Dylan loved every minute of it. I cant wait until we get to do it again!

We went to ALOT of baseball games! Steve nephews High school went to the state championship and we went to every one of the games. It was Hot and alot of fun, the best part was that they took state! We also took Dylan to the BEES game in salt Lake. We are big Fans of baseball at our house!

At the Bees game with Mom and Dad!