Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can you believe how skinny he is getting! Good Job honey. I am excited to get to see him in less than a month! ( what a Dork for buying this shirt, but he sure thinks he is cool!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Weekend

We went up and spent the weekend with Aunt Christa and she took us to see the big Trains at Union station where she use to work.

for some Reason Dylan was terrified of the big trains and would not sit or stand on one by himself so i jumped in a picture with him so we could get a picture

Then we went to the park and fed the Ducks ( i actually think we fed more seagulls than we fed ducks)

What a fun weekend we had visiting Christa and Jack! thanks for letting us come up and play with you guys and thanks jack for taking my dog for walks, he misses you already!


Sunday we went to my mom and dads for an Egg Hunt with all the grand kids. Dylan loved searching for the eggs.

Most of the kids would skip over all the jellybeans but Dylan would stop and pick up every jellybean he could see(which was alot)

I see one!

Dylan and his eggs

Checking out his goodies

Coloring Eggs

Saturday Dylan got to help Grandpa color some eggs. He had a hard time remembering that the eggs were not balls and then were fragile, he cracked a few (4 or5) because he would throw them back into the bowl when he was finished with it. But he colored some really cute eggs!

Egg hunt

Saturday morning we went to the egg hunt at the park. It was really cold and we got really lucky because it didnt start to rain until right after the hunt was over and then rained the rest of the day. Dylan loved picking up the eggs but was pretty sad when they were all gone, but he did win a Mickey Mouse Frisbee so he was pretty happy about that.

Dylan and Becca freezing right before the hunt

Mommy and Dylan

Sunshine Tournament

I know that theses pictures are long overdue but I guess its better late than never. In March we went down to St George for the sunshine tournament to watch Greg play baseball. Dylan loved every minutes of it. We got really lucky and had wonderful warm weather.

Dylan swimming with Caleb

These two were the best of buddies the whole weekend. I always knew that if I couldnt see Dylan that he was off with Caleb somewhere.

He wanted anyone to play catch with him and would throw it to anyone walking past him, it was very seldom that he did not have a ball in his hand.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Boys

A few weeks ago I watched my nephew Cache for the weekend. He is 3 months older than Dylan so it was a lot of fun to have them play together. they are best buddies and I love that Dylan has cousins close for hin to play with!

In march I got to meet up with our old neighbors from Colorado, they came out to Utah to see family and they called me ( don't I feel special) to go to lunch. It was so much fun to see them and get to talk about the old neighborhood. I sure do miss you guys and everything about Colorado!


Dont tell my husband but Yes, those are princess shoes he is wearing and he loves them! But dont worry he loves sports too, its all good!
One of the days ( which there are many )I was at the mall, we decided to let the kids play on the Toys. They loved it and now we have to make a trip there every time, but if it makes our outing a little easier then I will do it. They did not want to leave the slide, why is it that kids can go down a million times and never get bored of it. they got to climb all over the Dinosaur and once they found the water we had to go because they were soaked.

Team Work

One day we got home from running a few errands and I was carrying stuff in from the car and I came in to see this.... Dylan had layed on the floor and Peyton was helping him get his shoes off. I thought it was pretty cute, they sure are fun when they are being nice to each other.

( this was once peyton pulled the shoe off and she went flying)


One night I was at My sisters house and the kids were playing with Marbles and I don't know what got it started but they put the marbles in their shirts and were dancing around. I don't think I have laughed so hard in a long time and every time I watch this I cant help but laugh again and again! Enjoy!